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Even In The Rain, Outpouring Of Love And Support For Officer Natalie Corona Continues In Davis

DAVIS (CBS13) — As funeral plans continue for the Davis Police Officer killed in the line of duty, wet weather has forced one memorial to move. Tributes continued to pour in as wet weather arrived Monday.

"This has become a huge deal," said Davis Police officer Keith Briesenick.

A memorial growing at the heart of this small college town at a time when hearts are broken.

"I think this is a time for healing," said Cary Speck.

Speck has lived in Davis her whole life. She understands how the murder of officer Natalie Corona hurts not just law enforcement, but the community.

"It's important to be here," she said.

Speck and other members of the community showed up to help move a memorial to honor Corona out of the rain.

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Police say the 22-year-old officer was gunned down by Kevin Limbaugh while she was responding to a multiple car crash at 5th and D Street Thursday night.

It's the fifth time a Davis Police Officer has been killed in the line of duty in 60 years.

"In Davis, we had a couple days off. And now we have started back but we have to all come together," Briesnick said.

The department has come together to plan her funeral and preserve the tributes under a protective tent.

"The amount of support from Davis and all over has been overwhelming," he said.

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Citizens from the area are not only leaving carnations, candles, and cards but also food for officers.

17-year-old Ryan Anenson said, "We just wanted to show our appreciation and respects because we know it's a big loss."

Anenson and his family dropped off coffee and donuts at the police station. He is one of many who are hungry for more information as to how to honor Natalie Corona in the community.

"And show people we can move forward and there is hope and lots of supporters," said Speck.

Corona's funeral will be Friday at the ARC center on Campus at 11 AM. Thousands are expected to attend.

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