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Goose Recovering After Being Shot In Neck With Arrow

NAPA (CBS13) - A goose came less than an inch from dying after an arrow went through its neck.

The bird is slowly recovering after the arrow attack in Napa County. The arrow went through its neck, puncturing its breathing tube, but narrowly missing its spine and esophagus.

"So those sounds she's making is just pure hostility," said Michelle Bellizzi, International Bird Rescue.

The goose doesn't trust people, but can you blame her? You can barely make out the lump on her neck where the arrow went straight through.

"Without medical intervention, immediate medical intervention, she was not going to make it," said Bellizzi. "She really is one lucky goose."

Wildlife rescuers used kayaks to capture the feisty goose near a bridge in downtown Napa.

Michelle Anderson, of Wildlife Rescue Center of Napa County, says the sight of the injured bird brought her to tears.

"It is really sad anyone would even think to do such damage to an innocent animal," Anderson said.

In a delicate surgery, veterinarians at International Bird Rescue in Cordelia repaired the goose's damaged breathing tube and sewed her back up. Beforehand, she was barely able to breathe.

"The arrow was about the same size as her trachea, so she only had two small strips on either side of a big hole," said Bellizzi.

Along with the arrow, the suspect left behind a potentially important clue. The initials "KH" were handwritten on the arrow.

Locals say it isn't the first time someone's used a bird as target practice in the area.

"Was walking across the bridge, I walk to work everyday and there was a duck with an arrow through it and it was dead," Robert Cabrera said of a previously shot bird.

A $5,000 reward is now being offered.

Veterinarians are guardedly optimistic the goose will make a full recovery.

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