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Mystery Freeway Dog Finally Captured After A Month

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Perhaps she liked to watch the traffic.  Or, maybe she was patiently waiting for her owner to return.  But, after weeks of living alongside a Sacramento freeway, an elusive dog has been brought to safety by some concerned residents.

Sacramento officials began getting call back on May 19 about a stray black and white Border Collie/Aussie mix dog that was living near the Interstate 5 off ramp at Fruitridge Road. People began leaving her food and water.

For weeks city workers and concerned citizens tried to capture the dog to bring it safety.  Animal Control officers made several trips to try and capture the wayward pooch to no avail.  They even set a trap in the area hoping to capture her.  Shelter staff scoured the area on their own time.  People living in the area put out water and food for the dog. 

"We had an officer who attempted to tranquilize her so we could try to get her. She was tranquilized and ran deep into the ivy and we couldn't find her anywhere," said Gina Knepp of Animal Care Services.

Finally, after 42 days, an area resident was able to grab the dog and bring her to the city's animal shelter.

Shelter workers say the mystery dog has become a shelter favorite with several citizens wanting to adopt her.

The story of the 2, or 3-year-old border collie and aussie mix is now different because of what the community did to keep her alive for more than 42 days living off Interstate 5.

"It took a whole village to catch Ivy the dog," said Gina.

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