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Mysterious Explosive Sound Rattles Elk Grove Neighborhood

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – An explosion and massive flash rocked an Elk Grove neighborhood in the middle of the night.

The flash was captured in home surveillance video from Feickert Drive.

The Elk Grove Police Department said the incident is just one example of loud booms people have been reporting for weeks.

"We both jumped out of bed because one of the pictures fell from the wall," said Amy Mantanane.

Mantanane said one of the explosions rattled her home just this week and the next morning, police were looking at a hole in her lawn for evidence.

"We saw them dig something out of our lawn and put it in a little plastic bag," she explained.

With so many reports of loud explosions across the city, CBS13 is getting answers on what goes into this type of investigation.

Hannah Gray with the Elk Grove Police Department said in cases like this, it's about partnering with the community, asking people to check their security cameras and report what they see.

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Gray said it's also imperative to partner with other agencies. In this investigation, the department is working with the Sacramento County Sheriff Department's Explosive Ordinance Detail.

"Feel like the reason we woke up more is because we felt a little bit of a shaking than anything else," said Nate Sanchez, who lives in Elk Grove.

Sanchez said he's heard and felt the blasts and hopes police get to the bottom of what's behind the booms.

"As long as they find the cause and determine whether it be something that is safe or not, I mean if it's actually a big issue," he said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Elk Grove Police Department's Dispatch Center at 916-714-5115.

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