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Mysterious Bug Invasion Creeps Out Tracy Family

TRACY (CBS13) — A Tracy family says bugs are forcing them out of their home.

The bugs are creepy, crawly, and all over Sean Humphreys' Tracy neighborhood.

"They're black; little bugs seem to be crawling, flying, in the thousands and they're basically taking over our yard," he said.

Their house is the only one in the small Bright Homes development, but the Humphreys say they aren't the only ones living there. The bugs are all over the sidewalks in the front yard and are on backyard irrigation equipment.

He says it all started when the adjacent lots became overgrown.

"They stopped taking care of the area," he said. "Used to be well maintained, and then it just all stopped.

Now the weeds are growing tall and the bugs are coming out. The fire department has reportedly warned the developer to get rid of the weeds because of the fire danger, but that hasn't happened yet.

Humphreys says the infestation has gotten so bad his daughters won't even walk on the sidewalks anymore and the family is sleeping elsewhere at night.

"They're young and we don't know if these bugs are carrying some kind of anything," he said.

Even the exterminator couldn't help.

"I sprayed twice, exterminator once, and even he was saying he didn't know what they were," he said.

As the bug population grows, so does his frustration.

"I'm spending all of my time, my money trying to combat something that's not originating in my yard so I can't control it," he said.

We reached out to the developer for a comment but have not heard back.

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