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My Say On Blu Ray: 'Perception' Season 1

If "Perception" seems like something you've seen before, it's because you have in the form of other television shows.

The quirky hour-long drama is a mix of "House," "Elementary," and a bit of "The Mentalist."

Dr. Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) is a well-regarded neuroscience professor and a consultant to FBI Agent Kate Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook), who's also one of his former students.

Pierce is a functioning schizophrenic -- with an added Hollywood flare of course -- who only sees fictitious people while working on a case. Once again, it rings familiar bells of "A Beautiful Mind." Conveniently, the imaginary people vanish when the case is solved.

By no means is "Perception" groundbreaking television, but it's at about par with the previously mentioned shows. With the parade of new shows hitting the airwaves, entertaining is about all that is asked for from television these days. Just take a look at the television category of Netflix and you'll get a better idea of how much TV is actually thrown at us on a weekly basis.

Still, McCormack's eccentric Pierce is as likable and charming as the actor's days playing Will on "Will & Grace." This could be a character we will see much more of if the show can produce interesting plotlines and avoid lazy, clichéd stories.

As season one's packaging goes, it's very light, consisting only of previews and the season's 10 episodes. It reminds me of watching movies on VHS. Fans will find it disappointing.

The bonus features are what I look forward to the most when my favorite shows are released on Blu-ray or DVD. Even a simple making-of feature would have sufficed.

Hopefully fans will get more from season two.

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