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Mountain Lion Spotted In Rancho Cordova Park

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) - There have been several reports of a mountain lion along the American River in Rancho Cordova.

At the Ancil Hoffman Park and golf area, seeing glimpses of wildlife is par for the course.

You'll glimpse a buck enjoying a sunset snack a pitching wedge away from golfers.

Right across the road, who knows, it's not a stretch to say you can run into just about anything out there.

So, recent reports of a mountain lion sighting are not that unusual.

Seasoned outdoor lovers like David and Kenesy with their dog Daisy say they're extra aware these days.

"I carry pepper spray for that very reason. I don't know if I'll be faster than a mountain lion but it's worth a shot," said Kenesy.

But as they take a cruise on their kayaks down the American River, some of their neighbors spent the night getting an in-your-face lesson on co-existing with wildlife along the river.

Coyote sightings and rattlesnake bites are at one of the highest levels in years.

An expert would tell them mountain lion sightings do happen but the big cats usually stay away from people, who spent this summer night mingling with mother nature.

They're living in harmony, but with eyes wide open.

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