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Mother, Daughter Arrested In Alleged Con Targeting Elderly

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Sacramento police are warning elderly residents to take precaution after a mother-daughter duo was arrested for their alleged involvement in conning people in a robbery scam that sometimes involved children.

Sacramento police are sending out a "reverse 911" advisory after suspects targeted six homes in the past month and a half in south Sacramento.

They warned that a group of men and women have been tricking elderly residents to gain entry into their homes. The suspect's then distract the resident while stealing items from the home.

"There is a common theme that the victims are elderly," Sacramento police Officer Doug Morse said. "Maybe they are using that angle of compassion to enter these homes"

Shirley and Helen Costello
Helen Costello, 43 (Right), Shirley Costello, 22 (Left)

Between Dec. 29 and Jan. 21, the suspects targeted homes on Perry Avenue, Fruitridge Road, 63rd Street, 2nd Avenue, Mack Road, and Maple Drive.

Late last month, one neighbor in the Tahoe Park area told CBS13 that two women came to her door insisting their 2-year-old child be let inside to use the restroom.

She says another neighbor fell for it, and had cash stolen from her purse.

Police say the victimized neighbor, who lives in the 6200 block of 2nd Avenue, reported that 43-year-old Helen Costello and 22-year-old Shirley Costello, along with two unidentified Hispanic men, entered her home and spoke to her about being former neighbors. She didn't believe them and quickly called for her son over an intercom. At that point, she says, the men and women left.

Police are still searching for the two men.

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