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Most Iconic Works Of Art In Sacramento

Sacramento is a creative mecca for California artists, and there is virtually no end to the opportunities here to view public art. Excellently-executed and iconic pieces can be seen in such diverse environments as the airport and at a waste management facility.
Flying Carpet by Seyed Alavi
The Flying Carpet (credit:

"Samson" and "The Flying Carpet"
Sacramento International Airport
6900 Airport Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95837

The airport's Terminal A is home to two notable works of art. "Samson" is a whimsical set of 23-foot tall sculptures created by California artist Brian Goggin. More than 700 pieces of luggage, ranging from current styles to refurbished antiques, are perched atop one another in a seemingly precarious pile. Waiting for one's luggage in an airport is typically an exercise in frustration, but guests to this baggage area stay entertained inspecting "Samson."

The bridge from the parking garage to Terminal A allows pedestrians to literally walk on great art by Seyed Alavi. Digital photographs are woven into the walkway's woolen carpet, featuring an aerial view of 50 miles of the Sacramento River. Children and adults alike are tempted to follow the flight path that weaves through the length of carpet.

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Rabbits Reading

"Rabbits Reading"
Shasta Park
7500 Cotton Lane
Sacramento, CA 95758

If Alice in Wonderland fell asleep in a library, her dreams would probably feature this: a 4-1/2-foot tall bronze statute of two rabbits. Local artist Gerald Heffernon's sculpture graces an area near the Shasta Park playground. The playful piece includes the two rabbits reading, one from a book and the other from a laptop computer. Heffernon's work can be seen in various other public installations and galleries as well.

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Chalk Art

Chalk Art
Chalk-It-Up Art Festival
Fremont Park
1515 Q St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

Each Labor Day weekend since 1991, the sidewalks of Fremont Park have played host to original artwork done in chalk. Although the work produced over the three days is temporary, The Festival raises money to support the long-term artistic dreams of children. Professionals and amateurs of every age can participate in sharing their artistic vision, and the results are rarely short of extraordinary.

The Bread Store
(credit: The Bread Store)

Café Mural
Stephanie Taylor
The Bread Store
1716 J St
Sacramento, CA 95814

Stephanie Taylor is known as a "visual historian" and her work is recognized throughout Sacramento. The bakery-themed murals gracing the outer walls of The Bread Store are one well-known example. There is also a giant, three-dimensional fish leaping from the Scott's Seafood sign and a Jack London mural at Beer's Books. Ceramic, steel, concrete, thread, fabric and ping-pong balls are just a few of the ingredients in Taylor's creative menu of work.


"The Recyclone"
Waste Management & Recycling
North Area Recovery Station
4450 Roseville Road
North Highlands CA 95660

As part of the Sacramento County Art in Public Places Project, local artist Jenny Hale designed a unique piece utilizing pre-used materials. The Recyclone is a 15-foot-high sculpture made of ever-enlarging swirls of fused garbage cans, used soda cans and flattened aluminum. It can be seen at the Waste Management's North Area Recovery Station in North Highlands.

Valerie Heimerich is a freelance writer out of Sacramento. She typically covers animals and community issues. She has volunteered and worked for many organizations helping animals and people.
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