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Mosquito season is here. Here's how one expert says you can protect your kids.

UC Davis Health expert discusses protecting kids during mosquito season
UC Davis Health expert discusses protecting kids during mosquito season 01:43

SACRAMENTO — Mosquito season is here and our wet winter means there's going to be a lot of them flying around.

"We had a record-setting rainfall this year, so you can expect a lot of mosquitos this summer," said Dr. Kylie Abeson.

Abeson is a pediatric resident with UC Davis Health and said it doesn't take much for the pests to make themselves right at home.

"Mosquitos love standing water," she said. "Common culprits include dog bowls outside or saucers from plants. Even something as small as a water bottle cap can breed mosquitos."

West Nile Virus was recently found in Sacramento County and kids need to protect themselves. Dr. Abeson recommends a three-pronged approach: cover up with long sleeves and pants when you can, get rid of standing water around your house, and repel.

"Insect repellent is excellent. It works. I recommend Deet," she said. "And just remember that in the summer months, put on your sunscreen first and your insect repellent over it."

A lot of parents have expressed concern about Deet over the years, but Dr. Abeson said don't worry, it's safe.

"There are three main insect repellents that we use and Deet is the most highly recommended," she said. "It's safe, I would use it sparingly in children under two."

Dr. Abeson has a simple way of remembering how to keep mosquitoes at bay: cover, control, and repel.

If you do get bitten, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises washing the area, applying an ice pack to reduce itching and swelling, and using an anti-histamine cream.

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