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Minor League Team Schedules 'Millennial Night' Promotion, Twitter Reacts

Ryan Mayer

Minor League baseball is the land of quirky promotions. Teams try to draw as many fans as possible to the ballpark with enticing offers, fun themes and nostalgic memories. The Double-A Montgomery Biscuits' latest promotion is features a theme that has been done before by other ball clubs, but the way they're promoting it has some fans annoyed.

The Biscuits "Millennial Night" promotion seems to be poking fun at all the things that people bring up when talking about why they dislike the millennial generation. However, some of the people who responded on Twitter didn't take kindly to the joke.

The Biscuits account, to their credit, steered further into the joke with their response to one of the tweets.

It must be noted that the Biscuits aren't the only minor league team to go with this promotion this year. But, the reaction to the Lexington Legends promotion was similarly unenthusiastic. The West Michigan Whitecaps "Millennial Night" is scheduled for Thursday, July 26th and the first 1,000 fans get participation trophies.

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