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Mom Of Special-Needs Students Pleads In State Capitol Protest For Schools To Reopen

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The group "Placer County For Trump 2020" organized what they called a protest against extreme closures. Some have a stake in struggling businesses while others have kids struggling outside of school. But all carried the same message.

Protesters held signs outside the California State Capitol. Some read "Open California," while others read "Open My School." In the middle of the crowd was Chelsea Adams, a mom of three kids. Two of her children have special needs.

"It's been rough. My two-year-old still doesn't talk. He doesn't get services, he doesn't get speech and he does not have OT. He does not get anything that helps regulate him throughout the day. It has just been really tough," said Adams.

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Adams says her six-year-old with autism was set to go back to school this week until the governor's latest orders called for distance learning in counties on the state's watch list for increasing COVID-19 cases.

"Obviously kids with special needs will not wear a mask but his school, they were taking measures to implement and keep our kids safe," said Adams. "Like I said with autism, they need help regulating themselves, their bodies, their temperaments. They need that help and they can't do that over a tablet, they need their teachers there with them."

Not everyone focused on schools. Alzada Knickerbocker waved an American flag in support of President Trump.

"I've been a small business person, this has been a difficult time for us," said Knickerbocker.

Knickerbocker says despite increasing cases and even deaths, it's time to reopen.

"The deaths, although everyone is regretful and tragic, they do not warrant closing down the country," said Knickerbocker.

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