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Plans For Modesto Straight Pride Parade Still In Play

MODESTO (CBS13) — Organizers of the straight pride parade in Modesto did not re-submit a permit to hold their event by the deadline Tuesday, according to city leaders.

This after this original permit was rejected due to lack of insurance and safety concerns. Parade organizers said regardless of the outcome, there will be some sort of event on August 24th.

When the organizer of the straight pride parade, Don Grundmann, showed up at Modesto City Hall Tuesday he did not have any concrete plans of where the event will happen or what will happen at the event.

"There's many, many new plans. Five at least, maybe 10," Grundmann said.

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Grundmann said there will be a straight pride parade whether he has a permit or not. He said the purpose of meeting city leaders Tuesday was to find a compromise.

"We're just waiting for the bureaucratic response and the bureaucratic wheels to grind and they can grind very slowly," Grundmann said.

Modesto City Spokesperson Thomas Reeves said so far, the group hasn't been able to complete the basic steps to get a permit.

"We still have the requirement of insurance and a new location that is more conducive to this kind of event," Reeves said.

Without a permit, straight pride organizers won't be able to reserve a public space, and they would be limited when it comes to the types of things they can do at the event.

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However, no permit doesn't mean there won't be an event.

"We are certainly not telling him or his supporters that he does not have a right to gather," Reeves said.

Chris Holland is organizing the opposition.

"We cannot just sit idly by and let this happen," Holland said.

He said no matter where the straight pride parade happens, he expects hundreds of protestors against the event to be there.

"Our community is made up of every color of the rainbow and every marginalized community is in fear of them bringing violence," Holland said.

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The issue of violence is top of mind for all parties involved. Modesto city officials are working with police on a safety plan.

"We are aware of what these types of events bring to other jurisdictions, to other cities," Reeves said.

Grundmann denies his group is spreading hate.

"The violence is all an issue because the city council lady smeared us, she chummed the waters for violence," Grundmann said.

There are still many questions circulating about this event if it will be a parade if there will be vendors. Grundmann said he still does not know.

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