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'No Way He Provoked Anything': Modesto Neighborhood Shocked And Afraid After DoorDash Driver Gunned Down

MODESTO (CBS13) — A neighborhood in Modesto was shocked and shaken after one of their own was gunned down while simply working to support his family.

Modesto police officers found Andrew Satavu, 56, in his car Monday night. They say he'd been shot multiple times on a DoorDash delivery.

"He was just a nice man. I can't imagine anyone doing that to him," said neighbor Sherri Fabbri.

Sherri is still upset at the news after living next to Andrew and his family for years.

"When I heard about it, I just broke down," she said. "I just keep thinking it couldn't be him, it couldn't be him. He's too nice, you know?"

"He has a lot of kids, he has a young child. It's just, why? Why and how? It doesn't make any sense," said neighbor James Wertz.

James says Andrew was a hard-working father and husband who was driving for DoorDash in retirement to help support his family. He says, above all, Andrew was always kind.

"It's terrible, just absolutely terrible. You wouldn't think this would happen to somebody just out trying to take care of their family," James said.

Andrew's killing is now setting everyone on edge and in fear.

"I leave for work early in the morning and my wife thought something had happened to me, and so she's taking it very, very hard, too. We all are.  We just all are wondering why or how this happened," James said.

"There's no way he provoked anything. He was just delivering.  He probably just got in his car and who knows what those awful people were thinking," said Fabbri.

Andre's family and his neighborhood were shaken at the violent loss of one of their own. They are now surrounding each other and Andrew's wife for some sense of safety and peace.

"We're just praying for her and her family for closure, and hopefully they figure out...who did it and maybe make some sort of sense of this," James said.

Modesto detectives are still investigating. It's still unclear if it was a random attack.

Andrew's wife told CBS13 that she hopes something positive comes out of this tragedy, including more safety for delivery drivers. She also says she's been inundated with stories of how he helped and positively impacted people's lives. She's hoping people will focus on how her husband lived and not on how he tragically died.

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