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Mistaken Identity? Group Of Aggressive Deer Targeting Dogs

Peachtree City, GA (CBS Local)- Normally, deer tend to scurry away when humans approach. However, in one Georgia town, a group of deer have become aggressive, attacking multiple dogs and injuring one so badly that it had to be put down.

According to CBS 46 in Atlanta, GA, deer in southeast Peachtree City have attacked at least a dozen dogs in the area. Caroline Lucsko, whose daughter Carolyn Taylor's dog was attacked, described how the attack happened.

"All of the sudden, the deer started chasing them, and my daughter took off, running really fast, and the deer just trampled on her little basset hound," said Lucsko.

Resident Hunter Wood, whose dog had to be euthanized after it was attacked when a doe jumped the fence into his backyard, told CBS 46 that he believes people are to blame for the deer's lack of fear.

"We've got such a heavy deer population in this area, which is partly contributed to the fact that the neighbors feed them," said Wood.

He believes that the deer are mistaking the dogs for coyotes, which is the reason for the aggressive behavior.

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