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Missing Vallejo Woman Found, But Mystery Deepens On What Happened To Her

VALLEJO (CBS13) — Vallejo Police are planning to travel to Southern California where a missing woman believed kidnapped and held for ransom was found.

Relatives say Denise Huskins told her father she was bound and gagged, but Huntington Beach Police would not confirm that information.

Huskins was reportedly kidnapped on Monday from the Vallejo home she shared with her boyfriend. Authorities found her on Wednesday morning near her father's apartment in Huntington Beach.

Denise Huskins' uncle says it was a phone call that changed everything.

"What I was told she said was 'Daddy, I'm safe, either, 'they let me go' or 'I was let go,'" Jeff Kane said.

The 30-year-old, said to be kidnapped from her boyfriend's Vallejo home on early Monday morning was found alive and safe. But what happened over the past 48 hours is still very much a mystery.

Vallejo Police remained tight-lipped on any developments, giving no indication of the story Denise is telling, or how she got to their father's home in Huntington Beach.

In a bizarre twist, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting it received an email from someone claiming to be Huskins' kidnapper.

According to the Chronicle, the email said in part that Huskins "will be returned safely [Wednesday]. We will send a link to her location after she has been dropped off. She will be in good health and safe while she waits. Any advance on us or our associates will create a dangerous situation for Denise."

That email also apparently contained a voice recording of a woman who is said to be Huskins to prove it was them and that they she was indeed alive.

Kane says he has no idea who would want to take his nice, or why it took her boyfriend 12 hours to report the abduction.

As for whether he believes his niece really was kidnapped, he said, "This is a girl who is strong and independent; this isn't a fragile human being who would make up something like this. It's just no way."

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