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Owners Of Dog Lost By Air Canada Still Hope For His Safe Return

BRITISH COLUMBIA (CBS13) — The family who was opening their home to Larry the Italian greyhound is speaking out about what happened to the dog that was supposed to be living with them on Friday.

Duncan White was supposed to be holding Larry in his arms, just like the other members of his family. But Larry never made it. The 2-year-old was lost after an Air Canada employee didn't follow instructions, and let him out of his crate.

"You look at their website and they say they take great care in shipping animals, and obviously it's not true," White said.

After the order to ignore the media, and then a followup email saying the airline was doing all it could, White has trouble believing them.

"It looks to me now they are just backtracking, trying to do their damndest to make things all right, when in fact it's too little too late," White said.

While it doesn't look good for Larry, White isn't giving up. He still believes there's a chance Larry will make it to his new home in British Columbia.

"Of course I've got some hope that he's still around," White said. "The odds are pretty much against that now, but you know, miracles do happen."

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