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Milkshake Brings All The Dogs To The Yard—That's Right, This Cow Thinks She's A Dog

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — She's a cow who usually hangs out with dogs, because she thinks she's a dog.

Milkshake was saved by the Grace Foundation, an animal rescue organization in El Dorado County.

Beth DeCaprio is giving a lesson in her love for animals through this cow. You see, every time Milkshake appears, it brings all the dogs to the yard.

"I think a lot of people think it's like a trick," she said.

Milkshake was saved from an abusive owner four years ago.

"So she hanged out with the dogs, so I think that's what she assumed—that's what she is, more than a cow," DeCaprio said.

But how can this half-ton bovine running around these 10- and 30-pound canines not know she's a cow?

"She really doesn't know. She was never really around another cow. We got a cow friend for her," DeCaprio said.

She feels comfortable with the pack, and like a dog, she's even tried to get in the backseat of Beth's car. And when Milkshake is invited, she has no problem hanging out in the house.

The Grace Foundation also helps children and at-risk youth by using the rescue animals as therapy.

Milkshake is still working out some of her own issues. She gets separation anxiety when Beth leaves the ranch.

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