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Military family calls Kurtis over problems getting special Disney passes

Military family has problems getting special Disney passes
Military family has problems getting special Disney passes 01:37

SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento military family says a discrepancy between Disney and their base was about to keep them from a special trip. It was time to call on Kurtis.

Disney rewards our military families with discounted passes, but what the Disney website stated and what our viewers were told, conflicted.

Trisha Keelan's family went to Disneyland a few years back and decided they wanted to return after learning her son-in-law is getting redeployed.

"That is going to be a bit of a disruption for my four-year-old granddaughter and myself," she told CBS13.

Military bases sell deeply discounted Disney passes, but Trisha says the office at Beale Air Force Base rejected their ticket request, claiming they don't qualify because her son-in-law went last September.

But on Disney's own website it says that valid families can get up to six discounted tickets "per calendar year." And last September was the last calendar year.

"I was very, very frustrated with Disneyland," said Trisha, adding it would be tough to take everyone with full-price tickets.

CBS13 reached out to Disneyland, which looked into the issue and discovered a misunderstanding between the base and their sales team. After Call Kurtis got involved, Disney honored the military discount, saving the trip.

"Immediately, the Disneyland correspondent contacted us and fixed the issue," said Trisha.

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