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Midtown Sacramento Bakery Caters To Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Customers

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Pushkin's Bakery is the kind of place where 5-year-old Kevin can have his cake and eat it too.

It's a rare treat for the him.

"He came into this shop, and he came right up to the window and he said, 'Mommy which one could I have?' And I said, 'You can have anything you want,'" his mom, Stephanie DeBenedetti-Emanuel said.

Anyone like Kevin, who is allergic to gluten and dairy, can have anything they want from the bakery that caters to the growing number of people with those allergies.

"It's crazy to see how many people are intolerant to gluten," said Olga Turner with Pushkin's Bakery.

No wheat, no flour, no butter, no cheese, or milk.

It's not always "no problem" to make.

"For instance, these chocolate chip cookies, these took me about a year and a half to figure out," Turner said.

It hasn't taken that long for customers with special dietary needs to figure out this eight-month old bakery might be their go-to place.

Chris Lee's girlfriend has celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine.

"She describes it as getting punched in the gut. It's really intense," Lee said.

From a punch in the gut, to a soothing sweet treat.

Pushkin's owners are making more than money. They're making friends with a recipe they're confident will help their bakery rise to the top.

"People are talking a lot as if this whole gluten-free thing is a fad, and I don't buy that it's a fad," said Chris Turner. "I buy that it's a trend, and trends to me are really good. As a business owner, I want to be involved in something that's trending."

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