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Woman Shot Dead In Parking Garage In Midtown Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Detectives are investigating after a woman was shot dead in a midtown parking garage near Sutter Medical Center, the Sacramento Police Department said Wednesday evening.

The shooting happened just before 4:50 p.m. at a Fort Sutter Medical Building parking garage in the area of K and 28th streets, across from the hospital.

Sacramento police said the woman suffered a single gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators believe the shooting to be an isolated incident and there is no active threat to any nearby businesses, the community or the hospital.

"She was crying, and she was on the phone with 911," Leslie Huerta, a medical assistant at the Fort Sutter Medical Building, said of her coworker who witnessed the shooting. "And [she said] that there was a guy shoving a woman either in or out of the car, and [him and the victim] interacted a little bit and she threatened him with calling the police."

According to Huerta, the man pulled out a gun at that point and shot the woman.

Those who work in the building said the shooting happened as many people were getting off of work.

"We're trying to save lives, we go to our offices and we see police all the time," one Sutter Health worker said.

Information regarding the suspect was not released, but a search for him continues.

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