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Meth Made To Look Like Candy Found At Ione Middle School

IONE (CBS13) — Parents are expressing shock and disappointment after a middle-school student was caught snorting methamphetamine made to look like candy.

The school says it's an isolated incident. They have marijuana and alcohol on their radar, but have never had to deal with a drug of this severity that's highly addictive. The fact it's being disguised as candy is even more alarming.

The incident happened at lunch time on Monday at Ione Middle School. Staff noticed odd behavior from two children, including an eighth grader. That student was seen with what looked like candy brought up to his nose to sniff it.

"We were shocked when it came to our attention what we were dealing with," said principal William Murray.

The school immediately confiscated the pink pills that resembled Smarties and used field test provided by the police department to test it. The results came back positive for methamphetamine.

Students were notified and the school sent an email and contacted parents by phone.

Whether there is more of this candy that looks like meth is unknown.

The eighth grader was removed from campus and could face a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

The school will be holding an informational meeting with parents this month, and they want parents to talk with their kids about never accepting anything from other students, even if it looks like candy, and especially if it's being taken up the nose.

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