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Police: Metal Objects Found In Trick-Or-Treaters' Candy

OAKDALE (CBS13) — Police in Oakdale are investigating candy from trick-or-treaters that was tampered.

Investigators have ruled out the possibility of the candy being a manufacturing error. They are retracing the children's Halloween route as they work to figure out who handed out tainted candy.

"That is a very scary situation. It's very unique to Oakdale. We haven't had any reports like this that I can remember. It's very important as a precaution to always check your children's candy when they go out and trick-or-treat," said Lt. Joseph Carrillo, Oakdale Police Department.

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Oakdale police say parents in the Burchell neighborhood turned over chocolate candy their children collected Wednesday night. They reported someone had tampered with the candy.

Investigators found small metal objects inside of the commercially packaged chocolate including Snickers and Milky Way bars. They also found metal objects in an Almond Joy mini candy bar and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

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The incident has left many parents in the neighborhood concerned and are taking a closer look at all the candy collected from Halloween.

"They know before they eat any of them, we have to come home and check out the candy and that is a rule every year. But to hear that it's crazy, people trying to affect little kids, it's shocking," said parent Rogelio Arcos.

There are no other reports of tainted candy, but officer's advice parents to check every piece of candy that was brought home.

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