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Melting Snow And Rain Swells Rivers In Foothills

GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) — Caltrans is now offering sandbags in several locations and asking for the public's help making sure snow piles aren't blocking storm drains. This comes as emergency officials wait and watch water levels across the region.

As snow turned to rain in the foothills, creeks became raging rivers.

"I haven't seen the river rage like that before, "said Charlie Dutro as he drove in Grass Valley

Wolf Creek winds its way down toward the Bear River.

"Wolf Creek is magnificent when it's raining," said Sue Caplan.

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Caplan owns 10 acres nearby.

"It's a fantastic place to live," she said with a broad smile.

She says it's never overtopped the bridge leading out to the main road.

"That bridge is as solid as a rock and made of concrete. Water gets up maybe within a few inches," Caplan said.

Chef John Cammick at Lefty's Grill wasn't worried about flooding until it happened.

"Ever since we have been keeping an eye on it," said Cammick.

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In 2017 Lefty's Grill flooded at the base of the mountain in Nevada City and it closed for the first time in 20 years.

"If the water comes in at all we shut down. We are in the bottom dining room, the kitchen is one more step down," Cammick said.

Now a couple of years later, he is checking snow totals.

"I just want the snow to stay up there for skiers and snowboarders," he said with a laugh as he gestured toward Tahoe.

Lefty's making the right decision to prep early and make a few calls.

"Letting a crew to be on call to do sandbags and put plywood out across the front of the deck. We got it down now-we are pretty fast," Cammick said.

He wants to get ahead before Mother Nature comes rushing in.

"Looking over the deck now-we still have another 8 feet to go," said Cammick.

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