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Mechanic Shot Dead While Working On Vehicle In Del Paso Heights

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A mechanic was gunned down while working on a car as a stranger ran in trying to save his life.

Witnesses describe it as a gruesome scene in Del Paso Heights on Las Palmas Avenue.

The shooting happened in broad daylight around 11:30 a.m., and neighbors rushed to try to save the victim's life.

"The guys lying there with four bullet holes to his head, his face, his body," said Glenn Martin.

Martin did all he could for a man he didn't know. While inside his Del Paso Heights home, he heard the gunshots and ran across the street to help.

"I told him to hold on, giving him CPR. He was alive when he left here, but he's dead now," said Martin.

Police say a vehicle rolled up on Las Palmas Avenue, east of Norwood, when shots were fired. Martin says the victim was a mechanic in the area and was working on a car when shots were fired.

"They shot through the hood and the car, and he did get a chance to run, but he didn't get far," said Martin.

Nine-year-old Juan Nugrete and his little brother were riding their brand new bikes that they received for Christmas when they heard the shots.

"I told (my brother) to go inside," said Nugrete.

He had the wherewithal to grab his brother and run inside their house.

"I'm proud of him, cause he's always been like that," Nugrete's father said.

For Martin, this morning was an unwelcome reminder of just how fragile life is.

"I've been through that in Vietnam. I tried to do all I could for him," he said.

Police say the shooters drove off without anyone getting a good look at the car. So far, detectives don't have a vehicle description or any suspects.

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