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McKinley Park Pond Project Nearing Completion

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The pond at McKinley Park is nearing its completion. The city began the pond restoration last summer, but says the illegal dumping of non-native turtles and winter rains delayed the project.

The project has ruffled feathers along the way, and concerns still remain about the pond, and the wildlife that used it to survive.

McKinley Park brings back special memories for Richard. He grew up playing by the pond, but says the last year hasn't been the same.

"It's kind of bleak; it doesn't lift you up or give you that serene feeling when you're walking," Richard said.

The pond looks more like a desert. It's been that way since last year, when the city began its restoration project and displaced the wildlife.

"It'll be a lot nicer to see everything that comes back like the ducks."

"Hopefully all the birds have a nice place to be again," said one woman.

McKinley Pond caretaker, Judy McClaver, has been critical of the city's project.

"I have been rescuing ducks from the neighborhood that would normally be using this," she said.

McClaver also says she has a problem with the island in the middle of the pond. She says the irrigation system doesn't work, and the city isn't doing anything about it.

"The island needs to get weeded otherwise it's just gonna look like a barren desert out there," McClaver said.

CBS13 tried speaking to the city's Parks and Recreation department on camera Tuesday about McClaver's concerns -- the department issued this statement: "Parks maintenance staff will be addressing the maintenance of the weeds prior to completion."

Some locals say they're just happy to get a piece of McKinley Park back. The city says the project should by done by this week.

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