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Tracy McDonald's Employees Recognized For Helping Rescue Woman

TRACY (CBS13) — McDonald's employees who helped rescue a woman who mouthed "help me" in the drive-thru were recognized for their quick thinking Thursday.

This incident comes after a similar situation happened in Lodi.

"I am happy there is someplace willing to help," said Cheri Turner, a customer at the North Tracy Boulevard McDonald's.

She was happy to hear employees there intervened in a potential domestic violence situation over the weekend. According to management, a woman and man pulled up into the drive-thru and the woman began acting strangely, sending her coffee back multiple times. Employees trained under the Safe Place program recognized the sign and took action.

Regina Camera, who works with Golden State Restaurant Group, said: "The victim was then asked to pull off to the front where her alleged abuser got out of the car and fled the premises. She needed medical attention and the case was handed over to authorities."

"I think that is very important for corporations to get involved and train their employees to look for these signs,"  said Kao Saele, who eats at the restaurant.

READ: Lodi McDonald's Employees Help Rescue Woman Who Mouthed 'Help Me' In Drive-Thru

There was a similar situation at a Lodi McDonald's on Christmas Eve. Yesmeen Bibi is the operations supervisor there.

"I am very proud of my team. They think fast and were smart enough to do what they did," Bibi said.

According to the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office, a woman asked an employee to call 911 and to hide her before mouthing the words "help me" in the drive-thru. Deputies arrested her alleged abuser, Eduardo Valenzuela.

Romero Davis with the Women's Shelter of Stockton said, "To have people that are aware of someone who just needs help and to respond is a big deal. It doesn't happen often and I just want to commend them for the great work."

On Thursday, the Women's Shelter of Stockton, the San Joaquin County DA's Office and the Golden State Restaurant Group recognized the Lodi employees responsible for saving the woman.

"It's taking the first action which is contacting law enforcement. Without law enforcement's response, their crime report would not get referred to the DA's office for prosecution," Suzanne Schultz with the San Joaquin DA's office said.

The San Joaquin County DA's office says there are several businesses that participate in the safe place program.

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