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Mayor Proclaims Sacramento 'Farm-To-Fork Capital Of America'

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Seventy percent of the Sacramento region is productive agricultural land.

So what do you do with all that land? Promote it, says the city.

A potato you may buy at a grocery store or eat at a restaurant may come from a place as far away as Peru, but in Sacramento some potatoes are gown only 10 minutes away.

The idea of local food is a big part a new saying to promote our area's agricultural assets.

"The farm-to-fork capital of America," Mayor Kevin Johnson proclaimed.

The mayor, standing with dozens of local chefs at the downtown farmers market, announced Sacramento's new national identity Wednesday.

This produce is grown here and it stays here.

Sacramento chefs say that's what makes this city great and everyone should know.

"We can talk to the guy who grew something, then we know how it grew, where it came from, that it's safe and it's good for us," said Patrick Mulvaney, Mulvaney's B&L owner.

Not only do the chefs like the teamwork, local farmers do too.

Auburn farmer Ruthann Johoda says it's good for business and customers demand it.

"I think people going to the restaurants want to know they have quality food, not just from the can, but farm fresh food," said Johoda.

The city says the Farm-to-Fork campaign is going to be promoted not just locally but throughout the state through farmers' markets and culinary events."

The Farm-to-Fork campaign will also promote that our state produces the most agriculture in the nation, with a lot of the food coming from Northern California.

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