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El Dorado Hills clinic is expanding. Here's what that means for patients

Marshall Medical Center to expand clinic in El Dorado Hills
Marshall Medical Center to expand clinic in El Dorado Hills 01:59

EL DORADO HILLS - A local hospital is expanding its services to not only provide care to a wider range of people but also attract more talent. 

"Population health in Marshall is us taking responsibility for the whole of our community so particularly our patients but really the whole community," Martin Entwistle, Associate Chief Medical Officer, said.   

Marshall Medical Center is expanding its clinic in El Dorado Hills. It currently is in a 3,000-square-foot building, but will soon be in a 50,000-square-foot building. 

This will not only increase space but the services they offer. 

"We're also adding [an] orthopedic walk-in care, physical therapy and lab draws and some other services that will provide for that entire community," Siri Nelson, President and CEO for Marshall Medical Center, said. 

Nelson said the addition of orthopedic walk-in care will make things more convenient and cheaper for people who have a wide range of injuries. 

"Someone who sprains their ankle or falls down and hurts their arm, in a bike accident, you don't have to go to the emergency department, you can go right to that orthopedic walk-in clinic and get care right away by an orthopedic specialist," Nelson said. 

The new location will be located at 4201 Town Center Boulevard, which is right near Highway 50. 

Not only does Nelson hope this will attract more patients, but also potential talent for the new positions this clinic will create. 

"We're also doing physical therapy in that building so we're going to be going to be adding a physical therapist, physical aids, those kinds of people," Nelson said. 

Physical therapy with walk-in orthopedic services will make injuries a one-stop-shop for the county. 

"Now at the same time, we have a responsibility to the whole population, so this is not about not doing other things. We continue to expand our services for the folk that live further up the hill," Entwistle said. 

Nelson said the construction on the inside of the building should start any day now and will take about nine months to complete. 

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