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Marijuana Business Billboard Prompts Outrage In Modesto

MODESTO (CBS13) — A billboard for a marijuana business located at a busy intersection in Modesto has triggered outrage from parents who want it taken down.

The advertisement shows two women in bikinis from behind, each with an arm wrapped around the other's waist. Across their backs are the words "Best Buds," a double meaning on the women's presumed friendship and marijuana.

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"I just don't think our children need to see that," said Valerie Robers, who lives in Modesto. "We have so much peer pressure that we're, parents have to fight against, and now a billboard they can see every day, every time they leave home, every time they come home. It's just really upsetting."

The advertisement is by the Ignite Cannabis Company. The ad, which is located near a high school and an elementary school is promoting marijuana products which include vapes used to smoke the drug.
It states the products are available inside dispensaries.

A spokesperson for Ignite Cannabis said the billboard is in compliance and far enough away from schools. It meets all requirements.

Parents say the images are inappropriate.

"Basically selling sex and it's derogatory towards women. I don't want to see pictures like that, and a lot of other people don't either," she said.

The City of Modesto does not regulate ads on billboards.  A spokesperson said the advertisement does, however, have to be approved by the FCC.

"I really do believe, it gives the wrong message, because what are we saying to the next generation, " said Edward Cathcart, who lives in Modesto.

Outfront Media owns the billboard which has been located near Sylvan Avenue and Oakdale Road for years. It sells space to companies like Ignite Cannabis, which placed its ad two weeks ago.

We reached out to the billboard company and are still waiting for a response.

We also reached out to the company running the ad. A spokesperson for Ignite Cannabis said the billboard is in compliance and far away from schools. It meets all requirements.

A spokesperson for the city said people can and should contact the companies creating the ads directly if they feel offended by what they see on a billboard.

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