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Mariah Carey Surprises Local Family

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) - A cul-de-sac just off Dovewood Court in Orangevale is known for its elaborate Christmas displays.

Hundreds of people walk and drive through each evening during the holidays. But one house stood out this season by featuring a projection video screen with Mariah Carey Christmas videos blasting into the night.

When a fan posted it on Twitter last week, Mariah Carey herself took notice and decided to FaceTime from Aspen to say thanks and Merry Christmas. It was a dream come true for Jason Evart, who created the display. He and his mother waited anxiously by the phone Sunday for Mariah's 5 o'clock call.

The singer's "people" called first pushing the call a bit later, but as an added bonus they said Mariah would FaceTime. And just before 6 p.m. she called.

"Hi, how are you! Merry Christmas!," Carey said in an energetic voice. "Merry Christmas!" they replied.

Carey called from Aspen where she's vacationing for the holidays and even took time on camera to play in the snow. At one point the signal dropped, and Carey called back.

"It really means a lot to me that she actually contacted me and said merry Christmas Evart said. "From the queen of Christmas herself!"

The call was brief around 3 minutes or so. Carey asking if they had Christmas plans and complimenting Evart on their Christmas tree. After a few more pleasantries they said their goodbyes.

"Thank you for making me a part of your Christmas, and you being a part of mine," Carey said.

Evart says the video display has become such a huge hit, that when he tried to play a Charlie Brown Christmas song on the screen, people watching started yelling from the street, "Play Mariah!" So now he keeps the Carey on a loop.

A Christmas moment he says he will never forget.

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