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Georgia Man Arrested In Connection With Decades-Old Sexual Assaults In Sacramento, Sacramento County, And Davis

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A Georgia man has been arrested on suspicion of raping three women in the early 1990s in Sacramento, Sacramento County, and Davis.

Mark Jeffery Manteuffel - sacramento district attorney
Mark Jeffery Manteuffel - (Credit: Sacramento District Attorney)

On June 28, 59-year-old Mark Manteufell was arrested at his home in Decatur, Georgia. He was reportedly linked to the crimes through DNA left at the crime scenes, according to Sacramento Police Department Chief Daniel Hahn. The suspect was found with the assistance of genetic genealogy.

On March 23, 1994. A female victim returned to her home in east Sacramento. There, a masked attacker was waiting. He grabbed her, died her up, and sexually assaulted her before leaving, said Sacramento PD Chief Daniel Hahn.

On May 5, 1992 around 8:30 p.m. a 52-year-old woman drove into the garage of her Sacramento County home and deactivated her security alarm. She was almost immediately assaulted by someone who was waiting inside of her home. Over the next three hours, the woman was sexually assaulted until her attacker left the residence, said Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones.

In January 1994, a 22-year-old college student was out jogging when she was grabbed by a masked man who tazed her and dragged her away to commit 'monstrous crimes,'" said Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig.

Manteufell lived in Sacramento for several years, during which time, he attended Sac State University and worked as a part-time lecturer.

For about two decades, Manteufell worked at the Federal Bureau of Prisons. In 2014, he retired as a prison administrator from a facility in Miami, Florida.

He will be brought back to Sacramento to face several charges.



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