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'This Is Why I Go To The Gym,' Man Posts Video of Woman's Behind While Working Out

NATOMAS (CBS13) — Facebook users are chiming in, some chastising a local businessman for posting a video of a woman working out from behind with the comment, "This is why I go to the gym."

"That is so misogynistic," exclaimed Michelle Medeiros who lives nearby. "That's why you go to check out a girl's *expletive? Ok!"

Many people we spoke with agree.

"It's really disrespectful and it's almost sexual harassment," said Amy Douangmany of Natomas.

The post was reported to Facebook and it was taken down. The man then responded by posting, "The militant #MeToo'ers got me in FB Jail when I didn't do a damn thing! #Psychos."

Some believe he crossed a line but is what he did illegal?

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"You can take that photo, as long as it's in a public place and there's no reason or expectation of privacy," said Sgt. Shaun Hampton, spokesperson for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.

However, Hampton said if the photo was in the locker room and showed nudity, it could be a crime.

"And this person is taking video and posting without them knowing then it's a felony," Hampton said.

But in this case, as the man says he's just admiring her physique, it's not illegal.

"That's weird, but he's a grown man and can do what he wants, but I don't approve of it," said one local resident.

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We couldn't find many people who could.

"It's basically sexualizing women and viewing them in an inappropriate way especially in a public place. People should feel comfortable going to the gym and bettering themselves not being sexualized by men," said Braulio Anguiano.

While it's not a crime, a reason why CBS13 withheld the man's identity, California Family Fitness says it's certainly against their policy and in a statement wrote:

"California Family Fitness is committed to providing an environment where our members feel comfortable and safe. When we learned that inappropriate content was posted on social media by a California Family Fitness member, we acted immediately to ensure the post was removed. We do not tolerate this type of behavior and the individual's membership is currently under review," Scott Hollitz, Vice President of Operations at California Family Fitness.

We reached out to the man for comment over the phone and he said, "speak to my lawyer."

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