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Caught On Camera: Man Littering Feces On Stockton Church Steps

STOCKTON (CBS13) - Security footage at a Stockton church shows a mysterious man walking up to a church's doorstep and littering it with feces.

An employee of the Universal Church in Stockton gave CBS13 two clips of security footage from January 26th and January 27th, showing what a man walking up to the church and littering the front stoop with feces — twice.

"It's uncalled for," Robert Rodriguez, who attends The Flock of God Heritage church nearby, said.

"You're in God's property. You're messing up his church, the whole church," Tamareo Smith said.

The Universal Church of Stockton declined to comment about the incidents or the man who was caught on their cameras, but the folks at nearby at The Flock of God Heritage church are disturbed.

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"It's really disrespectful because it's a church and they need to respect God's house," Pastor Henry Philips said. "They open up their doors every day. I don't know why they have to do that kind of stuff."

"It's very disgraceful because he could've came over her as well and done it to us," Deacon Steven Delphin said.

Some people at the Flock of God Heritage Church showed the security footage said the droppings are disturbing in more ways than one.

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"It's a hazard for people and the public in general. There are kids who come by and also animals. And he should just have that safety value in mind," Rodriguez said.

The footage and the act are making some in this community of faith shake their heads. But, they hope answers and reconciliation can come from this.

"I just hope that they catch him. Or if not catch him, you know talk to him. Maybe we can change his life and see why he did it," Delphin said.

The pastor at that church near the Universal Church in Stockton said they have had their issues with the homeless in the past,  like hoping the fence and trying to sleep at the complex after hours.

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