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Man Drives Stolen Dump Truck Through Jack In The Box Drive-Thru

DAVIS (CBS13) - Police say a thief took a dump truck for a joy ride and tried to take it through the drive-thru of a jack in the box in Davis on Tuesday morning.

It probably isn't the brightest thing you've ever heard of, and it didn't go very well for this guy, who went from behind the wheel to behind bars.

"Oh man. Geez, look what stupid people do," was resident's Theresa Hardwicke's response as she looked over the damage left behind. "No way. That's stupid, very stupid. Why would somebody do that?"

Davis police say early Tuesday morning, a man identified as 39-year-old Vernon Grant came to the Jack In The Box with a stolen dump truck from a construction site on the UC Davis campus.

"What? OK, hold on, what? That's awesome," customer Michael Kerby said on hearing the news. "That's hilarious. Really? I don't even know how to respond to that."

Employees probably aren't laughing at the mess left behind. The driver took out a light pole by the dumpsters, then somehow trucked through the drive-thru.

Half of the clearance sign hung on for dear life but the building was left battered.

"Whoever it was was a big moron," Hardwicke said. "Doesn't even know how to drive."

In fact, the officer who pulled Grant over after reportedly watching him blow a stop sign and red light fleeing the restaurant says he seemed clumsy with the dump truck, like he wasn't quite sure how to drive it.

Tuesday night, the drive-thru was back in business, and, after violating his parole, Grant is back behind bars on new charges.

"Why would somebody do that," Hardwicke asked. "That's really stupid."

We don't have an answer for that one. Police say he wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

As for why he ended up at the Jack In The Box, that's a mystery too. Employees tell us he sped off without making an order.

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