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Man Arrested After Making 'Columbine' Threats At Modesto Hospital

MODESTO (CBS13) — Comments he made during a cell phone conversation landed a hospital patient in jail on Wednesday after Modesto police say the man threatened to "go Columbine" on hospital employees.

The patient, 36-year-old William Kidd, doesn't have a criminal record, according to police, but he's locked up now after being accused of threatening to kill Kaiser employees during a visit to the hospital on Dale Road in Modesto.

Upset about medical insurance coverage, Kidd yelled out threats while on the phone with a friend in the third floor waiting room, according to police.

"He made threats he was going to kill the employees here," said Lt. Rick Armendariz of the Modesto Police Department. "He made comments he was going to commit a quote 'Columbine' and he inferred he was in possession of a handgun."

Columbine is the high school never Denver where two student gunmen killed 12 other students and a teacher in 1999 before taking their own lives.

Afraid Kidd was armed and ready to go on a shooting rampage, a Kaiser employee called hospital security, who kept Kidd away from other patients until police arrived. Officers swarmed the hospital and quickly cuffed kidd.

"It was unfortunate that his frustration rose to the level," Armendariz said.

Even though Kidd is accused of saying he was armed, police did not find a gun. Investigators say the hospital acted appropriately.

"Once you start making threats and make comments of being in possession of a handgun or making threats of killing employees, that's where it goes beyond being frustrated," Armendariz said.

Kidd faces a felony charge and bail was set at $50,000.

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