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Machete Stabbing On American River Parkway Has Sacramento Cyclists Concerned

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police say a three men and two women stabbed a cyclist with a machete on the popular American River Parkway Thursday night, and the hunt continues for the suspect.

The victim was surrounded just before 10 p.m., on Northgate Boulevard near the Arden-Garden connector.

It's the second incident along the trail in a week a half. Last week, police found a man's body about a quarter mile from where the stabbing happened.

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"It's absolutely frightening to think that could happen to someone out here," said a cyclist.

"Wow. Wow. Wow," said another.

Cyclists describe shock on the trail.

"And it's so sad because it's such a great ride and so maintained and pretty," said a cyclist.

The nature ride took a different turn, after five suspects used a machete to stab a man multiple times.

Police say, the victim will survive his injuries, but that's no consolation for fellow cyclists.

"You shouldn't have to worry about that. Society is just upside down," said a cyclist.

The American River Parkway is popular with professional cyclists, families, and tourists. But some say it has a rough side too…often the site of illegal homeless camping and trail fires.

"We see it when fire or officials are out here but it doesn't affect me," said a cyclist.

Police warn cyclists to be extra vigilant on the trail.

"Try not to travel the trails at night, or if you are traveling, travel in pairs, or use proper lighting--make sure you have a rear light and front light," said Sacramento Police Spokeswoman Traci Trapani.

The trail is lined with call boxes, but isn't heavily patrolled, and doesn't have surveillance cameras.

Sacramento Police say they rely on witness accounts. They urge witnesses to come forward, and remain anonymous.

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