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Lowe's Shopping Spree Helps Yuba-Sutter Habitat For Humanity Recover From Theft

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — Months after thousands of dollars of tools were stolen from the Yuba-Sutter Habitat For Humanity, the group is getting them back, and then some.

When the Lowe's manager heard about the theft, he knew he had to do something. He called the corporate offices, and the result was a $5,000 grant for Habitat For Humanity.

It's a long shopping list for KC Connor, as he's looking to replace tools stolen in August.

The theft threatened a new home for a family of 12, the largest family the group's helped in the Yuba-Sutter area. Progress was slowed, but not stopped, thanks to those who donated time and tools.

Then, Lowe's, a habitat partner for a decade stepped up.

"It kinda just tugs at your heart and you wanna do something," said store manager Randy Fulks. "It's such a tight community we wanted to help out."

The group says people have been so generous, they'll end up with more tools now than they had before the theft.

"The more tools we have the more students we can have in the YouthBuild Program," he said. "I prefer to help them learn how to build a house than to break into a house."

And that's why when it's all said and done, he says the break-in ended up being, as he puts it, a great thing.

"It was a tragic event that took place," he said. "But out of the tragedy is something that's going to blossom into a beautiful flower."

The grand total from the shopping trip was only about $1,300, so they have a big chunk of money left over to spend to replace what was lost and buy some tools they never had in the first place.

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