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Ask Us: What Is Causing The Loud Booms In Fair Oaks?

FAIR OAKS (CBS13) — A series of startling booms are being reported in northeastern Sacramento County. Residents say they've been hearing the noises for months and are looking for answers.

The tranquility of Fair Oaks neighborhoods is being shattered by some mysterious nighttime noises. Homeowners say they're being startled by loud booms in the late evening hours.

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One explosion was even caught on a doorbell camera. The noises are loud enough to set off car alarms and wake people from their sleep.

"It rattles the windows, it sounds like a firework going off in my backyard," said Dallis Stumpf.

The sounds are especially startling to those who have kids.

"She's two-years-old and she comes out, 'mommy what is that?' and she freaks out," Stumpf said.

The loud bangs have attracted so much attention that a Facebook group has been created to track the times and direction of the explosions. It now has more than 500 followers.

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Last weekend, the sheriff's department received multiple reports of the explosions and sent out their helicopter and several deputies to investigate. Investigators say they're confident it's caused by powerful illegal fireworks with the blast equivalent of up to a half stick of dynamite.

Now neighbors are keeping a close eye, and ear, out for the suspects.

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