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Lost German Shepherd Finds Forever Home With Rancho Cordova Police Officer

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — Rancho Cordova Police Officer Daniel Caramello and Ronin, a black German Shepherd, are new partners. Not in law enforcement but, in life.

The two met in September when Caramello was dispatched to a trespassing call at a Rancho Cordova business on Point East Drive. He would encounter the reported trespasser who had Ronin at the time.

"They came to tell us they found the dog a few weeks prior; (Ronin) was at a local business in the area and belonged to that local business," Caramello said.

Then, the search for this lost dog's owner began.

"In the process, we found out that business didn't have anything to do with him," Caramello said.

The officer told CBS13 that Ronin was taken to the SPCA to see if an owner or a microchip could be found, but there was no luck. Then, something amazing came over Officer Caramello.

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"I was able and fortunate enough to put an application in and be able to adopt Ronin," Caramello said.

But, why did this officer decide to adopt this good boy he found serendipitously?

"The first impression was, I was kind of astounded that nobody wanted to keep him especially with his temperament and behavior," Caramello said. "Something just hit home with Ronin for me. I just kind of fell in love with him from the beginning."

And he's not the only one who is loving having Ronin at home. Officer Caramello said that Ronin was a little nervous when he first got to his new home just like their family was.

"My 9-year-old, who's been afraid of dogs since she was a young kid, first saw him, took it in pretty well actually, immediately grew to love him like the rest of our family did," Caramello said.

Officer Caramello is glad to protect and serve everyone; even our four-legged friends.

"I love coming home and seeing him every day. He greets me at the door" Caramello said. "He's just a great companion."

He said they were a little shocked about how big Ronin is. Now, Ronin has been enjoying Caramello's backyard and playing with Caramello's three young daughters.

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