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'One Chip Challenge': Social Media Trend Involving Spicy Chips Lands Lodi Students In Emergency Room

LODI (CBS13) — Multiple Lodi High School students were sent to the hospital after participating in a social media trend called the "One Chip Challenge," the school's principal confirmed Wednesday.

"A lot of kids follow their peers, even if they don't know the consequences," said Lodi High parent Elena Holvo.

The challenge dares a participant to eat a chip that has been covered in hot sauce and pepper. At least three students were referred to the emergency room due to their reactions to the challenge, according to Principal Adam Auerbach. Nine students in total over the course of a week got sick from the challenge.

"We need to watch our kids more," explained parent Rebecca Crouson. "It's kind of dumb because there is better ways to entertain themselves."

The "One Chip Challenge" — created by chip brand Paqui — has been a popular trend on video sharing sites like TikTok and YouTube. According to Paqui's website, Carolina Reapers and Scorpion Peppers are used to spice up the chips. Participants usually record themselves eating the chip and their reaction to it.

"Those two peppers have been rated as 2 million Scoville units and jalapeño is somewhere around 5,000 so they are around 400 times hotter than a jalapeño," explained Marshall Medical Center's Dr. Bret Christiansen.

So what kind of symptoms could people experience from the challenge? Dr. Christiansen explained it differs for everybody but could bring serious consequences.

"Throughout your digestive tract, you may feel burning or pain and it can be pretty severe after a short time," he explained. "Similar to a reaction like an asthmatic might have with bronchial spasms, and if they have persistent vomiting, they could need IV hydration or medications to stop the vomiting."

Principal Auerbach said any further participation in the "One Chip Challenge" could land students in trouble. The district explained students could be sent to detention or home for the day.

"Anyone found in possession of these 'chips' from this point will be sent home immediately and will receive progressive consequences," he said. "[Lodi High families], please discuss this with your students to ensure that they do not take part in this activity while at school."

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