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'It's Going To Take A Bit': Lodi Cyclist Planning Cross-Country Bike Ride For Good Causes

LODI (CBS13) -  It's set up to be the ride of a lifetime from San Francisco to Savannah, Georgia.  Lodi cyclist Kelly O'Keefe looks over the ride that's going to get him there.  He's planning nearly 3,000 miles on a bike.

"It's going to take a bit, yeah. A couple of months," O'Keefe told Good Day Sacramento.

But it's much more than a sight-seeing joy ride.  O'Keefe dubbed his cross-country trip "Ride For 5", raising awareness about five organizations close to his heart.  One of them is "Not One More Vet," shedding light on the hardships veterinarians face day in and day out caring for animals.

"There's actually a very high suicide rate in the industry which is alarming because these are people you want to be like them. You want to be a veterinarian," said O'Keefe.

Another cause hitting close to home is more research on detecting ovarian cancer early. O'Keefe's wife, Shelly, was just diagnosed at the end of February.

"Luckily we caught it pretty early and she's almost done with her chemo treatments. So looking forward to being done with that but also raising awareness," said O'Keefe.

"It's a community effort I guess would be the way I'd look at it. Lodi has always been strong on community," said Mike Kennedy.

O'Keefe won't be alone on the road.  Right by his side supporting his push for non-profits will be his high school English teacher, Mike Kennedy.

"I've been fortunate to be a part of this community and I'm anxious to get on the road and see more of America but also raise awareness for all these great causes," said Kennedy.

O'Keefe is raising money for his "Ride for 5' online if you'd like to support him.

"Really just looking forward to seeing America at a much slower pace," said O'Keefe.


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