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Locals Respond To Gov. Newsom's Call For Bars, Wineries To Close

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The open sign was lit up at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg Sunday afternoon, but not for long.

People were taken off guard as Gov. Gavin Newsom urged bars and wineries to close and restaurants to practice "deep social distancing" by reducing occupancy by half so customers aren't so close to each other amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg is home to several wineries.

"I'm lucky in that I'm retired. I do this (serve wine) because I love doing it. But there was a young lady who burst into tears. She said, 'I'm struggling right now and without my job as a waitress, I'm not going to make it,'" said Isolde Jung with Bump City Wine Co.

'I'm concerned. On one hand, I keep thinking it's conspiracy, it's overblown. But then I keep hearing things that bring me to, I hate to say it, panic mode," said wine shopper Lisha Hurdle.

So while the wine poured inside Old Sugar Mill, even those who fall under the Governor's suggestion to self-isolate, don't plan to.

"I have lupus. I'm trying not to over panic. My husband is in Vegas so he's a walking petri dish so if he's not isolating why should I?" said Brenda Williams.

"In my opinion, this is going to impact our economy and the lives of people for decades to come even if this virus runs its course," said Jung.

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