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Local Voters Watch Presidential Debate In Regal Cinema Theater

SACRAMENTO – Dozens of Sacramento locals flocked to the Regal Cinemas in Natomas Sunday to watch the second Presidential debate.

Many debate watchers say they were disappointed in how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went in circles every time they were asked a question.  


"They continue to deflect, deflect, deflect…they keep going back and repeating the same thingsI don't think we really learned anything new," several debate watchers weighed in on Sunday's debate.

But top of mind, reaction to Trump's lewd comments and Clinton's email controversy.

"He has no business being on that stage."

One voter walked away feeling more confident Hillary Clinton is the stronger Presidential candidate.

Others were more critical, and called her misleading.


"She has lied, she has lied to the people of America and that is not ok," said one debate watcher. 

Some say they are still on the fence about both candidates' agendas and compared the two debates to a reality TV show.

"I've never seen a potential race look like this, it's intriguing, embarrassing."

It's no ordinary race that has left voters unsure of the nation's future, no matter who wins.

"We can't trust both parties, it's either the devil or the demon."

There is one more presidential debate before the election in November. 

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