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Local Protests Voices Opposition To Military Action In Syria

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- The US-led air-strikes against Syria is drawing local reaction here in Sacramento.  Around two dozen anti-war protesters gathered at the intersection of 16th and J in downtown Sacramento, chanting and soliciting drivers to honk for their cause.


"We are standing up against the recent attacks that the United States is participating in against Syria, which is obviously ramping up aggression between Iran and Russia as Syria's allies, and we want to say that Sacramento won't stand for that," said protester Gabriel Gipe.


Friday night, the US with France and Great Britain launched air-strikes near the Syrian Capital of Damascus in response to last weekend's chemical weapons attack in the rebel-held town of Douma. The US pointing to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad as the likely perpetrator.


"There is actually no proof that an actual chemical attack actually took place - and even less proof that it was done by the Assad government," said Gipe.


"This is just a very hypocritical thing for the United States to do, considering that we have so many atrocities here at home to be the world's watchdog. I don't think they're qualified" said protester Juliana Cohen.


Meanwhile, local doctor, Mohammad Kabbesh, who's from Syria, is concerned not only for the welfare family still in the country but also for Syria's future.


"The chemical attack is terrifying," Kabbesh said.


Kabbesh would like to see a long-term plan in place eventually leading to the Syrian people running their own democracy, and he's not convinced air-strikes will put an end to the use of chemical weapons.


"Unfortunately we've heard this before. We've heard this in 2013 we've heard it in 2017 and still chemical weapons were used. So again, I'm not sure how this would be different" he said.


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