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Local Cleaning Company Gives Cancer Patients Helping Hand At Home

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A local cleaning company is tackling chores for cancer patients so they can focus on recovery.

The team is cleaning homes all across the Sacramento region at no charge. With a spritz of a mop, they're changing lives.

The non-profit Cleaning for a Reason gives cancer patients a nice clean home for free.

"It's wonderful not having to think about cleaning, or having the kids have to do things they would not normally do, because I can't do it. It's just a load off," said Andreana Robb.

Robb has been diagnosed with melanoma. She says it's hard to find time to clean in between the struggles of her chemotherapy treatments.

"Mopping and sweeping is the hardest one," said Robb. "Vacuuming is also hardest because I can't stand up for a long period of time."

Capital Cleaning, a local housekeeping team, volunteers their time wiping counters, removing dust, mopping floors, and in this case, making a difference.

"The chemo makes you sick and tired. So that is hard, and I am starting radiation now, so just being sick and tired a lot," said Robb.

"It is a way of giving back to the community, and a way of giving back to the woman who are living with cancer," said Valina Combs.

Capital Cleaning helps about four patients a month, working with the non-profit. They have been donating their time cleaning homes for patients for four years.

"It is sad when we lose a patient, but we try to make their feelings known," said Combs. "When your house is dirty, you don't feel good. So we like to help with that."

They are doing just that.

"We like to use the word 'living' with cancer, not 'dying,' because they are still alive," said Combs.

Patients can apply for Cleaning for a Reason on the American Cancer Society website. They must provide a doctor's note to make an appointment.

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