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Local Company Fights Back Against Gas Prices, Turns Old Bikes Into Two-Wheeled Machines

VACAVILLE (CBS13) -- With gas prices at an all-time high, more people are leaving their cars in the driveway and turning to bikes.

"I'm saving a couple of gallons everyday," says Karen Cook.

A Vacaville bike shop owner is transforming new and used bikes into an electric two-wheel machine.

"Our mailman here just bought a kit from us," says Vincent Coons, bike shop owner.

Vincent Coons, of Velo Wrench Bicycle Shop, found a new way to convert any bike into an electric one, at a much more affordable price.

"Most of the kits are under a $1000, built and installed," says Coons.

Lately, Coons customers, like local college teacher Karen Cook, are turning to E-Bikes for a common reason.

"I'm just really ticked off at the oil companies, I mean gas prices are high now," says Cook.

The bike can go as fast as 20mph, and there's no need to pedal, its battery can go 40 miles before a recharge.  And at under a $1000, E-Bikes are gaining speed for people who just can't afford to gas up anymore.

"Just ride to work, charge up the battery and you're ready to ride home," explains Cook.

Coons also told CBS13 that it only takes three days to convert that forgotten bike into an electric one.

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