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Little-Used Program Can Help Veterans Save Thousands On New Home Purchase

NATOMAS (CBS13) — Brandon Brockhouse is a veteran living the American Dream by buying a new home, thanks to a little-used program that will save him thousands of dollars.

Almost every veteran in the region is eligible for the program, but few are using it.

The Air Force veteran is starting with the essentials. It's filled with boxes and the furniture isn't here yet, but to Brockhouse, his Natomas house already feels like home.

"It definitely feels good," he said.

Brandon served in Afghanistan and was also stationed in South Korea. He came back stateside and dreamed of owning his own place.

"With the apartment you can't really do anything with it; it's not yours, but with a house whatever you want to do you can," he said.

His dream came true thanks to a Veterans Affairs loan.

"They've earned it by their service to our country and they should have the same ability to us to live the American Dream in their own homes," said Bob Hipwell with the nonprofit Military Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals.

He explains the VA loan offers major money-saving benefits. The home must be in good shape, and the seller must pay for repairs. There's no down payment and no mortgage insurance.

Sacramento has one of the country's largest military populations, but we were surprised to find out just how few take advantage.

"Only 8 percent of all eligible veterans have ever used their VA loan," Hipwell said.

For Brockhouse, his loan success story is finally having a place to call his own.

"It was easy," he said. "It helped me get here."

A veterans housing summit will be held on Sept. 6 at the Lions Gate Hotel in Sacramento from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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