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Little Joe Loudmouth: So Wait, Who's The Thug?

The definition of a thug according to Merriam-Webster dictionary reads as follows: "a violent criminal, a brutal ruffian or assassin."  The definition of a ruffian is a "strong and violent person (especially a man) who threatens and hurts other people."

Last time I checked, Richard Sherman isn't a criminal.  He hasn't hurt anyone...except for maybe the feelings of Tom Brady.


I was one of many who came out and called Richard Sherman a classless jackass for the way he acted after last years NFC Championship game.

In case you were stuck on an island somewhere and have no clue what I'm referring to, take a look.

Richard Sherman rips Michael Crabtree in Erin Andrews interview by RocketsRed on YouTube


True, a part of what I was feeling was coming from a pissed off Niners fan who just watched this guy end the Niners chances at another Super Bowl run.  Also, he did act like a jackass.  But after this outburst by Sherman, many came out and started calling him a thug.  Was it because the big black man with dreads was yelling at the camera while the pretty little blonde woman was holding the microphone?  Probably.  Richard Sherman agrees.

The fact of the matter is, in a league full of thugs, Richard Sherman isn't one of them.  He might run his mouth, he may get under your skin, but the Stanford grad is far from a thug.

By definition here are just a few thugs that have soured the league:

Adrian Peterson.  Indicted for child abuse.  For those who have argued me that he has the right to discipline his child how ever he wants,  I've seen the pictures. That's abuse, not discipline.

Ray Rice.  Domestic Violence.  We have all seen this disgusting video that proves Ray Rice is a thug.

Ray Rice Knocked Out Fiancee - FULL VIDEO | TMZ Sports by TMZSports on YouTube


Greg Hardy.  Domestic Violence.  Hardy was convicted of domestic violence, played week 1 for the Panthers.  Neat.

Ray McDonald.  Domestic Violence (allegedly).  Ray is still starting for the Niners, though he was arrested after a party at his house for a domestic violence charges after his pregnant girlfriend had bruises on her.  Still playing, you know...because the Niners have to respect due process.

Brandon Marshall.  Domestic Violence.  Brandon Marshall just lit up the Niners for 3 TDs this last Sunday.  Three, just like the number of times he's been arrested for domestic violence charges.  Marshall was never convicted though.

Believe me...the list goes on.

Oh, and who can forget Richie Incognito?  There's no question Richie is a thug, but why has he been basically blacklisted from the NFL for bullying another grown man while we still wait to hear the future of Adrian Peterson after he beat a 4 year old until the child bled and bruised?

So what do you call a man who continues to allow these thugs to play in his league?  Roger Goodell.  He may be the biggest thug of them all.

When will it change?  It won't.  Not as long as we continue to support the product and the sponsors continue to spend the money.  Because no matter how bad the league looks off the field, we still watch what's happening on it.

So my apologies to Richard Sherman.  You may be a thorn in the side for me and every other Niners fan, but you're far from a thug.

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