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Little Joe Loudmouth, Sam Sacks Manziel For Charity

Saturday night was a costly win for the Rams, as they lost their QB Sam Bradford for the entire season with a torn ACL.  That's the unfortunate part.

There was a highlight however, especially for those who enjoy peoples misfortune on Twitter.

It came in the 4th quarter when Michael Sam sacked Johnny Manziel.  Sam celebrated his sack of Manziel by giving the Manziel "Money" sign.

The best part about the celebration was that it almost cost some poor fan to pay up an unpayable bet.

The fan, Fisher King tweeted before the sack, "Rams vs Browns tonight. If Michael Sam sacks Johnny Football & gives the money sign, drinks are on me. For everyone in the world. Forever."

And then it happened...

King, admitting he messed up, asked Sam what charity he would like a donation made to.  Sam replied and King made a donation of $500 to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater St. Louis.

I got a laugh and the Boys & Girls club got a donation, so I'm ok with not getting that drink.



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